Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seattle walking

This sign ALWAYS reminds me of Seattle. When I was in 7th grade we had a class trip to Seattle to view the King Tut exhibit and our hotel was near by this sign. Coming from a town were the only neon was that of a beer brand I thought this sign was AMAZING!! Still kinda is to me. But then it is PINK and Glittery hummmm. Quick note Chi I will get the farm pics up soooooonnn. Still laughing over that one!

The Moose was a GOOOOD Sport on Friday and we went all over the Pier and Pikes. We even took the crazy tram. We sat next to the driver and had a kick ass view. Tryed to get the guy to let the moose drive it. but no luck Ü Any way on our way back up the hill we took these stairs . Moose counted them 104. NOT his favorite part! lol

We went to the aquarium and this little guy was searching for more snacks!

Hey look its NEMO and Dori hiding at the bottom!
uhhh ya not that fancy but hey i was being in the spirit of a scuba diver!!

A very groovy octopus

these are Jelly Fish the shot sucks but this was my FAV thing they had . you could walk threw the middle of it

ARGGGGG its Pirate time! I love me some Pirates! I think its the eye patch that does it LOL!!

A kick ass street guy playing the buckets, he also had glass bottles (vodka i believe)taped to the side of his chair that made for some GREAT drumming magic!

Seattle LOVES it chocolate almost as much as its coffee. Went into the Chocolate Box to grab some coffee and was amazed at the look of some of this chocolate. Sooo FESTIVE. By taking pics I didn't have to actually eat any of these. I cant even begin to tell you how this place smelled ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Ya gotta look at the big pic of this the little crabs and fish are COOL!!

Click on this pic to see the bigger version. Hey chocolate animals people and they are freaken ADORABLE !!

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