Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Salty Dawg !!

Hitting the spit one must ALWAYS at least once hit the SALTY DAWG SALTY Ive been going to the "Dawg" since I was able to pass off my fake ID. Back in the Day I worked at a store that was directly across the dirt road from the Dawg and my college Friend Lori had the opposite shift as me. So she'd hang at the dawg until I got off work at 10:00. That was one hell of a fun Summer! My dad actually used to work at the Dawg back in HIS day. Back then there were no carvings on the Bar or bills on the wall. Kinda funny he met my mom there too!! Ü I have a couple a great pics of them then. i should really scan them and put them up. Annnny Wayyyy the Krap sisters and I hit the Dawg. We decide that night that we would be the CKRAP sisters as my sister Chuck was with us. See we are quite flexible in incorporating new "sisters"!!

See this I carved it in the Summer of 1985. This is out in the pool room area and Lori and I spent MANY an hour here! Hey all the cute guys hung out here!! Plus this is were Lori would smoke her big ass Cigars! And School the guys at pool.

Here is Chuck early er in the day when we were playing tourist! Later that night we were talking about this and we both had wanted to go in and have a quick one but didn't want the other to think we were boozers!! lol It was after 12:00 at least!

Hey it ain't a toast with out a DUCK FART or 10!!

A little pearl of wisdom in the potty room.. They even supply the sharpie in case you too are inspired to slap drunken wisdom up!
Penny really liked these ......

So we thought we needed to slap up our own dollar. And of course the shortest one got to do it. Ok ok I admit I hoped up there THINKING I could reach !

See if ya drink alot of Duck Farts ya get taller ya know! Check out the women on the stool doesn't she just look like she is thinking "what the hell is nut job doing? " This is why tourist should not hang with locals. ;op

Here is a close up of out CKRAP dollar!

While slapping up the dollar this bra "may have fallen into my hoodie" !!

Hey look its an eye patch! Ya know like a Bra Pirate!

Later back at our campsite We were reliving the bra burning era!

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  1. OMG you guys are CRAZY!!! Thanks for taking us along!!