Saturday, July 18, 2009

4th of July

We had a GREAT 4Th of July even though I helped at the lodge helping prepare for it for 3 days. We chopped ,baked and decorated. Hey we had wine so it made things go MUCH faster!! ;op Ive helped with the raffle part the last 3 or 4 years and it is ALWAYS fun!! Dee and I had a good time and it went FAST!! So we got to enjoy a wonderfully Sunny and warm day!!

Here we got Yoshi getting his 4Th of July spirt on!!

Boon ,Monkey Boy and Brownie Girl enjoy en the Elks b-que food!

Big T was in charge of the kids games,bar tending down stairs and Fire works that night.The Moose was even home this year! Tink and her star bobble's and Hydro sporting a fancy 4Th Crown!

Monkey Boy REALLY REALLY liked the water balloons! Hey got his dad more then once!

Coke Machine,Boon and the girls got into the kids games and enjoyed the balloon toss. I think Boon needed the practice so he could dodge Monkey BOY!!

The Lodge always has a HUGE barbecue and there largest fund raiser for the year on the 4Th. The tickets are a 100 bucks that gets you food and beer for the whole day and a chance to win 12000.00 dollars!! One my tickets was in the last batch of 20 UGH so close yet sooooo far!! Sunny and Nancy Smith from Glacier won and I just love those 2 so much I couldn't be anything but HAPPY for them! What was even better there son Mark came instead of them and when he called them to let them know they had won they called him a damn liar LOL took him 20 minutes to convince them they were $12000.00 richer!

The joy of working the raffle is that you get to give the winners there checks!! Here is my Dad who won for selling the winning ticket and Jan collected a few hundeys for 10Th and 100Th draw.

We all headed to the parade after and we saw Big Al and Penny in the crowd!

The Homer Emblem Club drill team did a small presentation at the parade . Wave to Bea and the Birthday girl carrying the Emblem Banner! Don't even ask whats in Bea's pocket! ;op

Monkey boy and Boon were digging the parade.

Those two Rowdies in the front of the Pioneers Boat Float are MOD and POD Kosch!!

The Theme of the Parade and the City barbecue(witch was also held at the lodge) was the Fabulous 50's. As it is Homers 50 anniversary . Here were a couple of cool out fits i dug.
and here our their shoes. head to toe LOVED IT!!

All ya have to say in Homer is FREE and FOOD and the whole town will come out!! here is the line people waited 2 hours. Luckily for them we took em out watermelon to tide em over..

This is a shoot of people who were in homer in the 50's See Bea up there front and center!!

I spotted this little cutie getting her face painted. Yep that's Ms. Terry's Elizabeth from Dutch Harbor. Even got to see her sis too ! Who looks AMAZING!!

I got my face painted so I thought everyone else with me needed to get theirs done too!! Yep Iam Bossy!!

Hey its the Birthday Girl!! Can ya imagine having your birthday on the 4Th? Like the whole country is celebrating with ya!!

Tink had to change after the egg toss. Lets just say the egg WON!!

No day is complete with out a pic with ADD Girl!

This is a pic of TROUBLE!! Nancy and Chuck Rocket (Holman) and Kentoria's hubby David

Here is a crew of 80's Homer Highers Lloyd Moore,Me,Sandy, his wife ,David Sanders and the gorgeous Ericka Walli~~~~

It was all in all a great DAY!! We went dancing after the fireworks and rolled our selfs home around 3:00 am. The birthday girl had a great time getting her dance on too.

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  1. Wow...what a perfect day! It was cold here! I'm about sick of cold :(