Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fountain wading......

Ok so out side the Casino there was this fountain witch was pretty cool and I felt the NEED to have my picture taken in front of it. I thought Chi and I should be in front of the Indian dude that was in the middle of it. Sooo that meant wading out in to the fountain.............

Hey Dont wanna get my pants wet.

Some how it was a little deeper then I thought.....

Does this shot make my ass look fat??!! BAHHaaa Iam gonna have vote yes!!

By this shot I was laughing way to hard to even try and get a pic.

Chi was being a big party POOPER and wouldn't come out the rest of the way!! But in her defense she was barefoot and the bottom was a bit rocky.

Here we are heading back to Seattle . They put us in the back for there own sanity I am sure!

After a quick potty break Chi HAD to show me this sculpture. Its a three piece one but the rest of the pics are too dark. Actually really kinda cool made out of old scrap metal chains and stuff and is on lone from some were crap France I think or was it Canada ????

Mo par Mike and the Chi at the over look

Awww my fair sweet city I shall miss you!!

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