Sunday, July 19, 2009

Snack'en off the Land !

We spent last weekend being SPIT RATS. Aka camping on the Homer Spit. The Boys wanted to harvest some muscles so off to "Muscle Beach" we went.
The Future Glitter Queen was finding all kinds of treasures on the beach. We found a Jelly Fish and I wouldn't let her pick it up. She was MAD so I let her check out the Sea Urchin instead!

OK its not really called muscle beach but it should be! Check this out ALL muscles hardly any work involved picking them!!Makes ya wonder why they are 12 bucks for six in a restaurant??

Coke Machine bring one of many bags of muscles we collected. See the dark spots MUSSELS not rocks. It was a free for all!

On are way back from muscle beach we decided to take a peak over at the entrance of the fishing hole for lures people snag them on the rocks all the time. I found one I swear I lost a few weeks back! Any how here is Coke Machine given his cousin a lift over a stream.

When we got to Fishing Hole the tide was out so I though we could walk threw it instead of going ALL the way around. And when i looked down I saw a TON of Sea Urchins so the boys started diving for them! I couldn't really get a pic as i was "boob high" in water and trying NOT to get every ones cell phones and my camera wet. But here are some of there finds!

You don't cook Sea Urchins ya just eat the row. And the boys were in HOG HEAVEN!! I on the other hand had to PASS!! OK if the row is on Sushi iam all over it like a "big dog" but to grab one and start digging in Iam a gonna have to say NO!!!

Blake-A-Sores is SERIOUS about this!!

Here we got one of the many Batches of Muscles we ate that day. OK OK I know gross right?? I had never had one before but I thought what the hell I ll give a whirl. They were GOOD I tell ya. No really they were!!

Here is the Coke Machine Haven a midnight snack of of them!

We stayed at the Beach for 3 days so I have a few more posts to go!!


  1. You are my hero...all the events and camping, now living off the land! You put us to shame! BUT it looks very warm there and it's freeezing here. That's my excuse.

    How do you have the energy??

  2. My house is a total disaster !!I havent done laundry in 2 weeks!! and i havent scraped a page in 2 years!! I figure when i die iam not gonna say hey i wish id have spent more time cleaning!! It has been so NICE this summer iam talking 60's and up every day for 2 months!! This weekend is the first rain we have had in at least 2 months!! An even though its raing it is still 58 degrees out!