Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kangarooooo farm

Did I mention we went to a Kangaroo Farm ? Hey it was in Chi's FUN FOLDER!!

Here we got the Moose getting directions to Chi's. Yes I missed a turn off. Hey but I knew were this mall was at! Ü

This Should have been a sign of how things were gonna go ! Now who wouldn't want to bring there children here to have pictures taken with Santa? Hey while your there you can pick up some crack! Kinda a two-fer ya know??

Start humming the theme song for Deliverance NOW!! Got it running threw your head? Good cause people this is were I started to loose it. TRYING NOT to be rude but I had the giggles so bad and I just couldn't stop.
Moose and Mopar Mike look BEYOND thrilled! I know they were thinking what the hell have these girls got us into ?????? (There may have even been butt clenching)

The "tour Guide" gave us pieces of bread to feed to the Roo's. Now while visiting the lemurs we could have gotten to feed them IF only we knew how to dance the Lemur dance from Over The Hedge or what ever cartoon that has lemurs dancing! Some folks were getting DOWN!!

This is my big attempt at bonding with the animals. STOP THE MAGIC I know!

Really he is NOT wearing lipstick he just loves strawberry's. PHEW Iam glad they told us that cause for a sec there I thought he was trying to be Sara Palin !

What you cant see in the pic is just how LARGE and free swinging the Roo "package" is. Iam telling you its like a traffic accident you DON'T wanna look But you totally rubber neck to check it out!! As this is a family blog I shall spare you the real "VIEW"!!

Ohhhh come on they are cute

This guy was my fav . Chi guessed 3 weeks and you know what she was RIGHT! I guess all that time out there at the stables with Compass and Stanley paid off!

These guys were all over the place just running around. LOUD is an understatement!

We made it to the end of the tour! Thank gawd next in the fun folder was the CASINO!! Those pics next.... Stay tuned

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