Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tami and Rama hit some of the town!

Ill Have a 12oz quad skinny latte STAT!! Well pep's I needed it for my day with Tami girl. She has a LIST and all though we checked off allot there is STILL 2 more days worth of stuff to do in the fun folder! Ü
AWWW refreshing! this was ONE DAMN GOOD cup of coffee I gotta tell ya! B & O if you ever get the chance you MUST stop in AMAZING pastry's also.
I was taking a picture of the Chi and this nice lady at the table behind us said we were having way to good of a time and took this pic for us !! 8:30 in the am ya whoooo!!

This is at Volunteer Park we were there early so nobody was there but us.

This is what your looking at when looking threw the black donut from above photo

We also HAD to go see the view from the water tower. and in order to do so you had to climb these stairs all 106 of them. Did I mention I was wearing 4inch platform heels??

Made a trip down to China town. Awesome!!

Then off to the Smith Tower freaken COOL!! You can walk outside. It was a bit breezy today but Lovely none the less. Chi here is talking to the Vet about Compass that little note is for mod!! ;op

Here is one of the great views from the tower

These elevators at the tower are still run by real live people this guy was SUPER nice

I thought of my friend Cookie Dough when I saw this little spot down on Pioneer Square
Tami can make a friend ANY place we had a nice sit down chat with the owner of Captain here. Yes he does drool she said she has to wipe down the wall about once a week! Iam thinking ahhh NO!!
of course there was shopping and I found these bitch'en paper clip holders.
Yess PLEASE a 12oz
quad skinny latte I need to ENERGIZE for the night ahead and its only 2:30 .

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  1. Ohhhhh you two look like you're having a great visit! Keep the pics/commentary coming!