Saturday, June 27, 2009

The rest of thursday

Mopar Mike hooked up the Chi with this Hundey the funny part is that it was taped up on the mirror and it has a thought bubble that says Hi Tami!!

After running around town all day in the white shoes my feet were tired so i switched to the blue pair for the night. Lets just say I have now coined both pair the SHOES OF DOOOOOM!

The Moose and I headed off for dinner at our favorite Sushi restaurant. It is tucked away in this Marina.

Maybe not cut out for Alaskan waters .....

But hey this one is ON SALE!!! Who could pass up such a deal???

Myself I like this one with its festive little mini boat attached to it.

But of course I would. I have some GOOOOOD taste! POUT its not on sale the Moose said no! What EV!!

This my friends is a Pineapple Vodka Sake Martini ..... Insert SWEET JESUS and the parting of the clouds here! After 4 of these me feet hurt NO MORE!! so you see this was medicinal! Ü

This is Spicy Shrimp Tempura Moose orders it EVERY time . Its his fav

He thought he would give the Crab butter a try.
Well you Know i had to have sushi!! They make the BEST Spicy tuna roll EVER!!
This was my Seaweed salad YUM!

On the walk back to the hotel spotted a Jones Factory . My kids love this stuff.

OK next door to our hotel is this little bar and restaurant. And James here has been in it EVERY time we go in. He doesn't wanna talk about himself but "cant believe we don't know who he is" ,he hates money,and he likes his cocktails!! So the Moose named him James ...James Bond ...Lord my face still hurts from laughing

Here is Patty the king of kings !! He can whip up a Martini like nothing I've ever seen!!
TADAAA!!! We slipped in here for a couple before we called it a night. Plus James Bond was keeping us most entertained

See the view from our bar stool?? YES see people we do get our worship on!! BAHHH HAAA!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tami and Rama hit some of the town!

Ill Have a 12oz quad skinny latte STAT!! Well pep's I needed it for my day with Tami girl. She has a LIST and all though we checked off allot there is STILL 2 more days worth of stuff to do in the fun folder! Ü
AWWW refreshing! this was ONE DAMN GOOD cup of coffee I gotta tell ya! B & O if you ever get the chance you MUST stop in AMAZING pastry's also.
I was taking a picture of the Chi and this nice lady at the table behind us said we were having way to good of a time and took this pic for us !! 8:30 in the am ya whoooo!!

This is at Volunteer Park we were there early so nobody was there but us.

This is what your looking at when looking threw the black donut from above photo

We also HAD to go see the view from the water tower. and in order to do so you had to climb these stairs all 106 of them. Did I mention I was wearing 4inch platform heels??

Made a trip down to China town. Awesome!!

Then off to the Smith Tower freaken COOL!! You can walk outside. It was a bit breezy today but Lovely none the less. Chi here is talking to the Vet about Compass that little note is for mod!! ;op

Here is one of the great views from the tower

These elevators at the tower are still run by real live people this guy was SUPER nice

I thought of my friend Cookie Dough when I saw this little spot down on Pioneer Square
Tami can make a friend ANY place we had a nice sit down chat with the owner of Captain here. Yes he does drool she said she has to wipe down the wall about once a week! Iam thinking ahhh NO!!
of course there was shopping and I found these bitch'en paper clip holders.
Yess PLEASE a 12oz
quad skinny latte I need to ENERGIZE for the night ahead and its only 2:30 .

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Quicky !

Hey we are one GOOOOOOD Looking family!! No?

We Had a barbecue on fathers day at my sisters house. Big T got the honors of being the Chef. Ok Ok we ALWAYS make him be the b-que Chef.
Getting there grub on!

Here is "Uhmpy" as the Future Glitter Queen calls him (totally sounds like grumpy when she says it!!)and Coke Machine haven a few snacks.

So what do you do when its pouring down rain ?? Well get in a water fight of course!

Big Al is always practicing her Safeway skills . (She is gonna kill me for that!)

Just to freaken cute for words!!

Dad was really digging his new shaver he got for fathers day. THANK GAWD it took me 2 days of searching the net to find this model. They only sell the dang thing in Canada WHAT EV!! Whats up with that?

On Saturday I had coffee with Kaki and Frankie . We had our self's a nice chat! Haven't seen Kaki FOREVER. Frankie still lives in Homer so i get to see her a bit more and have decided we NEED to take time to have coffee and chit chat. She was most excited to get some White Trash bread from Two Sisters this was her first visit . Come on White Trash that's funny!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Relay 4 Life Homer 2009

It was Relay for Life Friday and Saturday.This is the first year Homer has had its own Relay. For years Ive been dragging my poor children to Soldotna for Relay. This year Tink headed up her own team !! TOTALLY TEENS. They put a great deal of time baking,making signs,planing and selling tickets and of course walking around the track. This group gets TWO huge THUMBS up from me!! You all ROCKED it!!!

Here is there campsite. Dang we didn't get a pic of the COOL sign they made in the back. But this ones cool too hey it had GLITTER people!!

The survivors before the first lap!

Totally Teens starting the first lap !

A.D.D. girl got throwen in the Crab Pot jail. To be cut loose you had to get people strolling by to bail you out.

Tink,Bubbles and Shell Bell taking a brief break.

A.D.D. Girl entertaining fellow walkers. She sang the national anthem for the opening too. She did a good job!! Her roady Hydro is also with her.

The good thing about walking in circles for hours on end is you can catch up on whats happened so far this summer.

Big T caught himself a ride at 1 in the am!

Blue Cup Cakes for prostrate cancer they also made pink ones. And some Rocky Road.Tink was selling it by saying its a OLD family recipe . LOL my mom will be proud.

The last of the raffle tickets ! Congrats to Kim the winner of I-Pod

The start of the quarters around the track.

I would also like to add how INCREDIBLY PROUD Iam of my daughter for taking this on and running with it! You did a wonderful job !! And I hope you always have room in your heart for other people and causes. I LOVE YOU Angel Girl!!