Thursday, March 26, 2009


I got the afternoon off today ASH DAY!! YAYAYAY !! So I thought id take a few pics. The Moose and I were Jacken around when he first put on his resperater ,witch by the way is not for ash but for the fuel tanks on his boat. The Volcano has been gonna go off for months and to be honest I hadnt paid it a bit of atention. So maybe the fact that he has this over the top resperater on is only funny to us. Haaa but you have been forwarned about my easy amusement level!

We needed to run to Safeway and grab some grub so we could cook dinner. So we get there and on the Right side of the parking lot looking up we see this Ash cloud a comen! Its toatly black and heavy looking in real life.My picture taken skills need some work!

On the left side of the parking lot it looked like this. Bright sunny a few fluffy white clouds

We get home and I take a quick picture of the Spit off my porch. Go in and put away the groceries.

After I was done I went back out and took another picture. I had three plastic bags it took all of 5 minutes to put them away. And this how thick it was by then!It also smelled like rotten eggs out there BLEHH nasty!

Here is some snow on my deck (ya the Coke Machine is not doing his shoveling job well these days)covered in ash. Had to dig a bit to find the white.

Speaking of the Coke Machine here he is coming off the bus. Every kid was handed a mask as they left the school and headed for the bus. Coke Machine really digs the mask as he is still sitting around the house wearing it . ( its 7:00 pm now!)

Here are "Tink" and a friend coming home from school they were NOTTTTT ammused at all by having to wear the mask. And even more annoyed that God Spell practice was canceled!

I made them pose with the fancy Masks!! That stuff falling is NOT snow buy the way

Here is my poor car COVERED in dryed out Ash !

UGHHHHHHHHH its gonna be a bitch to wash with out scrathing it!!

This is what it looked like by 4:00pm BEAUTYMUSS again!


  1. That is wild, great pics!! Is vocanoing a verb now??

  2. "volcanoing" Yes yes it is!! lets get into wikkapeta STAT!!