Thursday, March 5, 2009

getting old is a bitch!! but I got this!

All righty I broke down and went to freak'en gym twice this week and damn i can FEEL my seriously out of shape,2 pack a day,martini drinken body saying NOOOOOO !! STOP !!
What the hell are you thinking??? I had the power and told its lazy butt SHUT UP we are doing this!! I feel a small victory in that. Hummm this might call for a work out crown.. YA that may have some merrit!! ~~
Well While I was there i ran into a family friend i hadnt seen in a while man she was in some BADDD shape and i dont mean exercise shape i mean health shape .She was sportting a cane and barely walking but she was at the gym getting her bathing suit on for an arobic swim class. I tip my pomegranate black cherry water to her NOW!! ~~

Iam very annoyed with the whole getting old thing (not me hell i still got 40 good years before that happens so settle down!!) My dad has had prostate cancer ,4 strokes and a heart attack in the last few years and My mom had a new hip put in last year. These things they made threw with flying colors. Just out of plan ole vainty and stuburness my dad is walking ,talking, driving (freaken FRIGHTING!). But the other night he was up to the house for dinner and man it took him a LONGGGG time to get up the stairs and he had 2 stops. It really hit me right then the day is coming fast when he will not even be able to get all the way up the stairs and we wont have family dinners at my house any more. They will be moved .. I havent felt that way since his first stroke . Before his first stroke He used to be my "Go TO GUY" and you can only understand GO TO GUY knowing my husband is gone most of the year. So when my propane needed filled , my heater went out, heavy things needed moving, need the car dug out of a ditch, the cat buried, tires moved, ya know guy things he was who I called. When I ran out of propane the first time after his stroke I grabbed the phone and started dialing it wasnt untill after dad picked up on his end
and i could hardly understand what he was saying that it hit me. So I asked him how he was feeling chated for a bit, hung up the phone and just lost it!! Watching him relearn how to tie his shoes ,write , use a fork and knife all life basic skills was heart breaking but also amazing . He was NOT gonna let this stop him. You could see the sheer frustration of it just radating off him. One night he was trying to cut some food and I say want some help? he looks up at me and he had a evil little grin on his face and says "Sis getting old is a bitch ,but I GOT THIS!

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  1. ahhhhh this is a reality check! I do feel good that I'm going to see my mom for a month this summer after reading this post. I think I'm seeing my dad, I feel guilty for not leaving near them :(