Friday, March 13, 2009

This is were I spend most of the day. So I thought id share this big excitement with ya.

Here is my "brain" with out it id be hand writting everything and lord knows we dont need that! The lovely photo on my desk was made by my daughter as a christmas present last year. And the big pink hand hangen (clapper)on the wall was given to me by my boss. I often use the CLAPPER after a most stressfull project or just for the shear love of making noise!

Here is a close up of the crap on my desk hey this is exciting now isnt it. Ü

Here is the other side of my desk when its nice I spend way to much time staring out this window wishing I was out side. Isnt that fish on the window cute ? My nephew
made it for me and brought to the office.

Ok I was sortting paper clips . I hate when the big ones get into the little ones. I also hate when people clip all the clips to each other grrrrrrrr stay out of my paper clips people.


  1. okay... I want a glitter stapler jut like yours... I'm so jealous. I'm also jealous because you get a window... I just have a cubicle.. I should have you come and help me glitterfy my cubicle! LOL

  2. I got that glitter stapler a few years ago at Claires. Hey id love to come down !! We could have a glittering fest!!