Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some of the weekend

This was the start of a CRAZY friday night . Aww dosent it look most lovely! I made dinner for the folks and I made this beauty for me Ü Who needs food when you have olives??

So here we are at the lodge on later that evening . And my chins look VERY lovely in this pic . CHIN UP next time! I have some photos from later when we went to go dancing but we shall leave those out .............. But man we did get our groooooves on!

Saturday 11 fun filled hours of SWEATY, LOUD ,HIGH ENERGY wrestling ! Did I mention that there were 255 wrestlers alone! oh what "joy" I was feeling untill about noon.But I had a good friend that came with me and one of my sisters too. Her little guy is wrestling too . This was his first match.

SOOO cute when they are that age. He was fun to watch.

Since the Coke Machine wrestles heavy weight he was the 2nd to last match of the day. Here is a nice shot of his butt. but they were moving so fast this was the best pic i could get. But he was very excited to win a gold.

Here is Little Mz Fancy Pants on Sunday she loves my sun glasses.(the teen daughter keeps snagen from me too. grr) I love it that she is wearing a flease snow suit and the groovy glasses Ü Hey I got these beautys in San Fran last summer . They gave me a nice 80's flash back . I swear i wore an out fit just like them only purple and thought i was looking HOT lol!


  1. Great pics! I have missed seeing your family & friends and "the lodge" I need to get over there! The 1st guy is only supposed to be 3! No way is he grown up like that!! The Coke Machine LMAO!

    Mandy would take those glasses too if she saw them! She takes mine and they're the $10 Safeway version with no cool colors!

  2. Well he wanted to be the refridgerater but that was already taken. And his friends started calling him Coke MAchine iam sure it had to with drinking 13 cokes at once a year or so back . WHAT EV