Monday, March 16, 2009

Just a Saturday

This was the day I woke up to on Saturday. WONDERBAR!! I took this pic while having my morning java rush on my porch.
After coffee i went down and awoke the sleeping beauty's

Didnt have to wake up the "Coke Machine" he was already deep into X-Box land and waitting for his buds to come over.

Here are the "buds" playing one last game before i kicked them off the X-Box . Keep telling them there thumbs will fall off. They never believe me! umpppp!

Here is "Tink" and "Cobbs" enjoying spicy cheese its. The most gross thing ever to eat if ya ask me!

Here are two of the most high energy girls I know. "ADD girl" (the blonde) and "Cup Cake" the burnette. They look so calm now dont they?? Dont be fooled...... But at least they had brains enough NOT to eat the nasty cheese its.

The boys went fishing after being kicked off the "box" they did some harbor fishing here at the Salty Dawg Float

You must look stylen when fishing ya know! That is direct from the Coke Machine

They caught tons of sea urchins and ate the row NASTYYYYYYYY!! I blame my brother for that .... But here are some mini's they brought for me to see. There even mini dungee crabs. Simmer down now Peta folks they put them back in the ocean after they were done showen me.

Here is Coke Machine and his Cus relaoding the car

After taking the boys Home I ran back out to the Spit to grab the "Moose". He was way thrilled to have to take the skiff into the harbor . Ok not really but at least it was a nice evening!
Ok after 50 days on the ocean the Moose was thirsty.

REAL REAL THIRSTY ! Way to many Yagger shots for him that night!
After I brought Yagger Boy home I took these shots of the Coke machine getting a hair cut. Half way threw we needed to recharge the razor. Defently does not have his dads hair! Big T was the main Stylest!

Then back down stairs for more X-Box the 4 of them were still at it at least untill 5:00 . Well thats the last time i heard noise anyway.My eyes got heavy!!

On Sunday morning "Tink" and I went to the Spit for a walk and to take pics. I love this memorial its so pretty all the time

This was on the beach on are big stroll.

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  1. I'm tired 'jus reading all of that! Where are your naps?? A person needs rest :)