Sunday, April 5, 2009

ASH Saturday!!

All Righty now I had planned on a diffrent sorta blog for the week end but mother nature showed her self on Saturday morning. And I gotta say the Ash fall this time was very impressive. And since there was a good amount of it my plans for Saturday turned into stuff at the house day! I didnt wanna drive my poor car in it and poor "Tink" was in Ninilchick so she had to stay another night there. And the rest of use dug in for the day.

Ok this is how the neighbors house behind us looks most days. In fact most days I never even look at it. But because of the HUGE ash cloud hovering around on Saturday and snow on my deck I used this side of the house to take pictures

This how it looked Saturday morning at 7:00 am
That cloud of Doom comen was thick ,dark and smelled none to fancy either!

This was taken about an Hour later

I got the Pictures out order but you get the jest of it!

So after takeing all these excitting pictures Decided I HADDDDD to get these damn place cards made. Well I got one made! I kept playing on the puter instead!

Well then I decided to Have mom and her buddy Linda Up for Dinner. Here is a Pic of them from Wed. Linda just bought this moter home. She and Mom are going on a 3 month ROAD TRIP on June 1st. So we HADDDD to break it in Ü

Well While cooking Dinner I had to havesome Wine of Course.Ü This was Ruebarb,Rasberry,Strawberry from Bear Creek Winery. One of our winerys here in town. They also make a rasberry chocolate port that BLOWS your socks off YUMM!
Well this what I feed the crew. Enchalada's everyone said they were GOOD! I tricked them all by useing lowfat cheese ,fat free torilla's and turkey burger hehe they never even knew! The Moose hates all that low fat stuff and he had 2 of them. After he ate i told him. He laughed and oh was that what was wrong with them ;op little pooper!
I On the other hand had This fancy salad threw in some of the black beans and Salsa and it was close to enchalada's. LOL ok it wasnt but it was freaken good!~~

This is a Spice cake made with creame cheese frosting the frosting WAS DELITEFULL!! I had a hard time keeping my fingers out of it!

Here is the Moose talking to our taxman after dinner ! He is Very happy cause we are getting a refund!! Happy dance happy dance!

Well around 11:00 last night it was so pretty out I had to take this shot of the Homer Spit off my porch! Pretty ending to a lazy day!!

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  1. I was trying to comment yesterday but our server was up and down all day...mostly down. That's got to be the happiest shot of Amos ever! I want to be there, hanging with the girls having some yummy nibbleys (CB's word) and cocktails and playing cards!!