Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meet Mt Dew my newest Grandchild !

Yes this is Coke Machines Flour baby Mt.Dew . We have had an exciting week of packing him around finding baby sitters and entertaining him. Coke Machine took VERY good care of his baby. He did find out his sister is NOT a good baby sitter because when he and I came back from the gym Mt Dew was in the microwave! BAD BAD sister!

Here is Mt Dew taking a nap on the couch!

Proud papa Coke Machine and his mini me !


  1. How can C be all grown-up like that?? He's supposed to be a 3 yr old in a Cookie Monster costume! 6th grade??

  2. he the same as D? 7th?

  3. yep 7th he turned 13 in feb! Wild hu?