Monday, April 20, 2009


Darry and Dawn April 18,2009

We were outside chatting so I had them pose real quick for me. My brother was so happy I havent seen him this happy since christmas 1979 or so!!

Here is Dawns little boy he was so excitted to get to blow the bubbles after his serious duty of being the ring bearer. When we all went threw the line he was huggen everyone he could get his hands on!!! I feel darn special i got 2 Ü The Hugging line was HUGTASTIC. I thought Darry was gonna squezze me in half Ü And Dawn asked if this made us sisters now ? I almost started crying like a goober!

Here they are coming down the isle! I should have taken a picture of the minute and a half kiss after he was told to kiss the bride!

I dont know what my problem was but these are the only 3 pics I got. GRRR!!

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