Sunday, March 21, 2010

L J Crauthers !!! (ok iam giving him the LJ part)

And in the Left corner weighing in at 9 pounds 14 oz's and 22 inches long....Landon Rhyan James Tisjma "THE BEAST" Crauthers! Born at 7:05 am Saturday March 21st Soldotna Alaska . He is now sporting blue eyes like his dad but he may change to brown pools like his mommy and brother. He has lighbrown reddish hair and plenty of it.

OK here is the ONE DAY to throw out the word GRANDMA. ONE DAY!! that's it people 1!!
I only got stoped by the cops once on my way to Soldotna (57 in a 35 did not make Officer Kuhns happy but he did let me off with a warning to slow down VERY NICE!!) I tryed for a pic but i kept getting the top of his door. But really look how cute L J is!!

This picture is for his Great Grandma Karen !lord BUST out that tape NOW!! But on the bright side only one ear has it!!

Big Brother Kayden is really not that into Landon . He likes him well enough but ya he is not really that entertained by him.

Seems so wild that 22 years ago today I was sitting in the neonatal unit at Providence Hospital wondering if my new born son would even make it threw surgery. And now He is a father for the second time . Amazing !!
Congratulation's Therin Allie and Big Brother Kayden !!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fat Chicks Can Run !!! 102.32 miles SNAP!

I FREAKEN DID IT !!! Broke the 100 mile mark today!!! 71 runs 102.32 MILES!! I ran 4.13 miles today!!! and the kicker ?? I could have ran more !!can you freaken believe that?? I didn't.because i need to run tomorrow. my off day isn't till monday. I have learned that you MUST take the off day !!in the long run you run better and injury is far less prevent. OVER Training is BAD who knew ???? But alas my fat ass is doing one hell of a happy jig tonight!!! Get up off that chair whooot whoot!!! Ok now only 198 more to to reach my goal of 300 !!! If I can hit 300 by August i think Ill try for 400 BUT first 300 and the 10k in June. FYI Aprils 5k heart run is but just over a month away!! I feel Like this is now in my grasp !! Will hopefully get out side this weekend for my runs crossing fingers for weather!
Ok can I get a WHOOOOOT WHOOOT yayaya baby!! Doing happy dance OWWWWWW!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patty's Day

Hey Andy NEEDED these Items to get in the St Patty's mood! And those Glasses are all the way from IRELAND via my good friend Dani. Here is Yoshi Chill'en with the Caveman and Andy WAYYYY back in October.
~OK FINALLY after MONTHS I can talk about the commercial I cant tell you how hard it is to keep stuff to yourself good lord . Now that its been filmed I thought Id share for those not in homer this little bit of info blatantly stole from the Homer Tribune

Key to the city
Though most Homer residents were completely unaware of the missing link that came to town last week, Time Bandit captains Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand welcomed Geico’s caveman onboard their infamous “Deadliest Catch” crabbing boat to film a commercial.
The film crew weathered some of the nastiest Homer weather in a decade, and winter storms and blizzards dumped snow and howled winds through much of the shooting.
Homer Travel Service provided some of the backdrop for shooting on Wednesday, while crews battled the elements on the deep water dock and Time Bandit deck for the rest of the shoot.
On Thursday, Homer Mayor Jim Hornaday officially welcomed the caveman to town and presented him with a key to the city. (Not Homer Travel should read All About You Salon error on reporters end)

Homer 350 turns 50

The Homer Emblem Club turned 50 in March. Here I am next to a pic of the first group of officers. Check out what they are wearing WHO knew you could even get those kinda dresses in Homer 50 years ago!

Dee and I waiting for the girls to come up. Well we were HELPING Char put out salads and stuff i SWEAR!!

3 of our original Charter members Tepa Rogers ,Fran Cronion and I forgot the last Lady's name EKKK!! But I do know that Fran like a Martini straight up and don't forget to make sure its cold!! (lol yes I played cocktail waitress for a bit)

Shhhhh Penny says or never mind lets go with SHHHHHHH
Our 2010 Club President oh and my gum nice right?? EYE ROLL!!
YEEE HAWWWW the KRAP sisters won at pull tabs! Ü

The 2009 President MOST happy its over !! Penny and I just look insane but hey WHAT EV!! Iam SOOOO blaming the photographer ya ya that it!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This morning

Even the freaken Moose are UNIMPRESSED with the weather. This guy was getting his snack on at the end of my driveway this am . Only thing moving this early this am.
I parked near the bottom in hopes Id be able to get in and out of my driveway today. It worked! But the walk down the driveway was literally above my knees and to my butt in some spots. LOVELY.
Quick trip to the DMV These two took there permit tests. GOOD NEWS the roads are safe for a bit longer as neither of them made it. I suggest READING or even OPENING the book but hey that's just me.
What don't you listen to the police reports he asked ME NO why ? Cause your not supposed to be driving unless its an emergency. UHHHH 6oz Quad skinny Latte is a freaken EMERGENCY to me damn it!! ~~ Love this guy he is a riot every morning. Plus how can ya not smile when he says "Go get'em sister"
Right now everyone is crashed on the couches and we are watching BAD movies. Oh and iam having a thrilling time doing laundry oh JOY of JOYS!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Tink and Starsky in The City !

Starsky DARLING.... what do say do you say to a Helicopter Ride to the City ?
Hell Ya Tink lets Do it!

And Here comes The Glitter Queen now. She is the BEST PILOT around!

What Should we do first ?? A little shopping OF COURSE!!

Hey lets Slum it and take the bus !!

Oh Starsky you are such a funny Lad............. NO! Lets walk darling ....

Goood LORD watch out for the INSANE Drivers!!!

Sweet JESUS!!

OH MY BABY!!!! Are you Ok ??

Oh what a lovely view here in the park. What a day what a day! Were is that Helo pilot??? Tap Tap I wanna go home.......


Saturday, March 6, 2010


Homer had a real live SNOW DAY!! School Canceled and everything!! In all my years in Homer I NEVER remember school be canceled for snow. And since
I couldn't get outta my driveway work was canceled too!!Yeeeh hawwww So here is a little of what we did on our snow day...

We opened the door to this.Coke Machine went to clear of my car so I could go to work .. Huuu Ya I did NOT go to work. This was some deep heavy sticky snow and my Trooper was just not feeling it!
The Coke Machine made Snow Angels with me!! YAAA!! Tink was a Popper and went back to bed!! 8:00am what ev look how pretty it is out!! The key to all this is that my drive way here was down to gravel the day before ....
Coke Machine and Yoshi went to help grandpa shovel at the mall so Tink and I decided to walk to the store. hey we NEEDED a few things. Tink was concentrating on staying up right
Yahh it really didn't help. Poor girl spent most of the day this way. We stoped counting after she hit double digits!
We finally made it to Main Street. barely bruised.
The City was trying to get things plowed . Love when they have this huge divider in the middle of the road. ok I don't in fact it annoys the hell outta me most days. But since i was walking it was fun to play on.
Swung into Captain's Coffee for a 6oz quad skinny latte to warm up and spotted a new tile thought it was kinda cool.
Ok I know I shouldn't laugh but Seriously a plow truck caught on FIRE !!!
We finally made it to Safeway. Ya know I HAD to climb this thing!
YEE HAWWWWW Sandy made it!! THE MIGHTY PLOW MAN !!!Love his sun glasses he sports while plowing. I was most happy to see him arrive.

So while I was at the Bay Club getting my run on the Boys made this cool snow cave.
On Tink and I's Epic adventure to the store we rented this movie. Oh my gawd I laughed so hard!So stupid but funny!! ~~~ I went down and visited Sue but she wouldn't let me take her pic BOOOOO!! But it was a nice walk back home at 11:30 the wind had finally stop ed and there was no snow flying. YAAAA!!