Thursday, March 26, 2009


I got the afternoon off today ASH DAY!! YAYAYAY !! So I thought id take a few pics. The Moose and I were Jacken around when he first put on his resperater ,witch by the way is not for ash but for the fuel tanks on his boat. The Volcano has been gonna go off for months and to be honest I hadnt paid it a bit of atention. So maybe the fact that he has this over the top resperater on is only funny to us. Haaa but you have been forwarned about my easy amusement level!

We needed to run to Safeway and grab some grub so we could cook dinner. So we get there and on the Right side of the parking lot looking up we see this Ash cloud a comen! Its toatly black and heavy looking in real life.My picture taken skills need some work!

On the left side of the parking lot it looked like this. Bright sunny a few fluffy white clouds

We get home and I take a quick picture of the Spit off my porch. Go in and put away the groceries.

After I was done I went back out and took another picture. I had three plastic bags it took all of 5 minutes to put them away. And this how thick it was by then!It also smelled like rotten eggs out there BLEHH nasty!

Here is some snow on my deck (ya the Coke Machine is not doing his shoveling job well these days)covered in ash. Had to dig a bit to find the white.

Speaking of the Coke Machine here he is coming off the bus. Every kid was handed a mask as they left the school and headed for the bus. Coke Machine really digs the mask as he is still sitting around the house wearing it . ( its 7:00 pm now!)

Here are "Tink" and a friend coming home from school they were NOTTTTT ammused at all by having to wear the mask. And even more annoyed that God Spell practice was canceled!

I made them pose with the fancy Masks!! That stuff falling is NOT snow buy the way

Here is my poor car COVERED in dryed out Ash !

UGHHHHHHHHH its gonna be a bitch to wash with out scrathing it!!

This is what it looked like by 4:00pm BEAUTYMUSS again!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Just a Saturday

This was the day I woke up to on Saturday. WONDERBAR!! I took this pic while having my morning java rush on my porch.
After coffee i went down and awoke the sleeping beauty's

Didnt have to wake up the "Coke Machine" he was already deep into X-Box land and waitting for his buds to come over.

Here are the "buds" playing one last game before i kicked them off the X-Box . Keep telling them there thumbs will fall off. They never believe me! umpppp!

Here is "Tink" and "Cobbs" enjoying spicy cheese its. The most gross thing ever to eat if ya ask me!

Here are two of the most high energy girls I know. "ADD girl" (the blonde) and "Cup Cake" the burnette. They look so calm now dont they?? Dont be fooled...... But at least they had brains enough NOT to eat the nasty cheese its.

The boys went fishing after being kicked off the "box" they did some harbor fishing here at the Salty Dawg Float

You must look stylen when fishing ya know! That is direct from the Coke Machine

They caught tons of sea urchins and ate the row NASTYYYYYYYY!! I blame my brother for that .... But here are some mini's they brought for me to see. There even mini dungee crabs. Simmer down now Peta folks they put them back in the ocean after they were done showen me.

Here is Coke Machine and his Cus relaoding the car

After taking the boys Home I ran back out to the Spit to grab the "Moose". He was way thrilled to have to take the skiff into the harbor . Ok not really but at least it was a nice evening!
Ok after 50 days on the ocean the Moose was thirsty.

REAL REAL THIRSTY ! Way to many Yagger shots for him that night!
After I brought Yagger Boy home I took these shots of the Coke machine getting a hair cut. Half way threw we needed to recharge the razor. Defently does not have his dads hair! Big T was the main Stylest!

Then back down stairs for more X-Box the 4 of them were still at it at least untill 5:00 . Well thats the last time i heard noise anyway.My eyes got heavy!!

On Sunday morning "Tink" and I went to the Spit for a walk and to take pics. I love this memorial its so pretty all the time

This was on the beach on are big stroll.

Friday, March 13, 2009

This is were I spend most of the day. So I thought id share this big excitement with ya.

Here is my "brain" with out it id be hand writting everything and lord knows we dont need that! The lovely photo on my desk was made by my daughter as a christmas present last year. And the big pink hand hangen (clapper)on the wall was given to me by my boss. I often use the CLAPPER after a most stressfull project or just for the shear love of making noise!

Here is a close up of the crap on my desk hey this is exciting now isnt it. Ü

Here is the other side of my desk when its nice I spend way to much time staring out this window wishing I was out side. Isnt that fish on the window cute ? My nephew
made it for me and brought to the office.

Ok I was sortting paper clips . I hate when the big ones get into the little ones. I also hate when people clip all the clips to each other grrrrrrrr stay out of my paper clips people.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some of the weekend

This was the start of a CRAZY friday night . Aww dosent it look most lovely! I made dinner for the folks and I made this beauty for me Ü Who needs food when you have olives??

So here we are at the lodge on later that evening . And my chins look VERY lovely in this pic . CHIN UP next time! I have some photos from later when we went to go dancing but we shall leave those out .............. But man we did get our groooooves on!

Saturday 11 fun filled hours of SWEATY, LOUD ,HIGH ENERGY wrestling ! Did I mention that there were 255 wrestlers alone! oh what "joy" I was feeling untill about noon.But I had a good friend that came with me and one of my sisters too. Her little guy is wrestling too . This was his first match.

SOOO cute when they are that age. He was fun to watch.

Since the Coke Machine wrestles heavy weight he was the 2nd to last match of the day. Here is a nice shot of his butt. but they were moving so fast this was the best pic i could get. But he was very excited to win a gold.

Here is Little Mz Fancy Pants on Sunday she loves my sun glasses.(the teen daughter keeps snagen from me too. grr) I love it that she is wearing a flease snow suit and the groovy glasses Ü Hey I got these beautys in San Fran last summer . They gave me a nice 80's flash back . I swear i wore an out fit just like them only purple and thought i was looking HOT lol!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

getting old is a bitch!! but I got this!

All righty I broke down and went to freak'en gym twice this week and damn i can FEEL my seriously out of shape,2 pack a day,martini drinken body saying NOOOOOO !! STOP !!
What the hell are you thinking??? I had the power and told its lazy butt SHUT UP we are doing this!! I feel a small victory in that. Hummm this might call for a work out crown.. YA that may have some merrit!! ~~
Well While I was there i ran into a family friend i hadnt seen in a while man she was in some BADDD shape and i dont mean exercise shape i mean health shape .She was sportting a cane and barely walking but she was at the gym getting her bathing suit on for an arobic swim class. I tip my pomegranate black cherry water to her NOW!! ~~

Iam very annoyed with the whole getting old thing (not me hell i still got 40 good years before that happens so settle down!!) My dad has had prostate cancer ,4 strokes and a heart attack in the last few years and My mom had a new hip put in last year. These things they made threw with flying colors. Just out of plan ole vainty and stuburness my dad is walking ,talking, driving (freaken FRIGHTING!). But the other night he was up to the house for dinner and man it took him a LONGGGG time to get up the stairs and he had 2 stops. It really hit me right then the day is coming fast when he will not even be able to get all the way up the stairs and we wont have family dinners at my house any more. They will be moved .. I havent felt that way since his first stroke . Before his first stroke He used to be my "Go TO GUY" and you can only understand GO TO GUY knowing my husband is gone most of the year. So when my propane needed filled , my heater went out, heavy things needed moving, need the car dug out of a ditch, the cat buried, tires moved, ya know guy things he was who I called. When I ran out of propane the first time after his stroke I grabbed the phone and started dialing it wasnt untill after dad picked up on his end
and i could hardly understand what he was saying that it hit me. So I asked him how he was feeling chated for a bit, hung up the phone and just lost it!! Watching him relearn how to tie his shoes ,write , use a fork and knife all life basic skills was heart breaking but also amazing . He was NOT gonna let this stop him. You could see the sheer frustration of it just radating off him. One night he was trying to cut some food and I say want some help? he looks up at me and he had a evil little grin on his face and says "Sis getting old is a bitch ,but I GOT THIS!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mermaid Book


Ok so thought id post my Altered Book of Mermaids. I was given the chance to show this i a Art Show. But the catch was you had to be willing to sell it if someone was willing to buy it. So I put a 225.00 price tag on it. LOL Who the hell is gonna buy it for that i thought. When I gave it to the gallery I told Char I do NOT wanna sell this. She says with that price you will be ok. PHEWWW I say and hand it over to her. Well on the last day of the show a man comes in and is looking for something from Alaska with mermaids he finds my book. Has it in his hand and is walking towards Char to pay for it. He tells her he wants it and she starts" sweatting BULLETS". She cant not sell it to him and she knows I dont wanna sell it. She starts showing him other mermaid art. He decides that he will come back for the book can she hold it for him? She says NOOOO problem and lets him know that this is the last day of the show and this book is not for sale after 6:00 pm. He says ok he will be back by then. He leaves .Char starts clock watching,is so nervous trying to figure out how to tell me its gone. She is a smart one that one 5 to 6:00 she shuts the place DOWN!! yayaya i get to keep my book!! She tells me she was a WREAK for that 45 mins. LOL lesson learned dont show what ya dont wanna sell!!

For what ever reason when i switched blog views i cut off half pages of the pics and iam just to damn lazy to resize em but you get the drift of it.....

Ok Pages 1 and 2 Photobucket
Three and FourPhotobucket
Page 5 Photobucket
PAge 6 Photobucket
Page 7 Photobucket
Page 8Photobucket
Page 10 & 11Photobucket
Page 12 Photobucket
page 13 Photobucket
page 14Photobucket
page 15 Photobucket
pages 16 and 17 Photobucket
Close up of 17 with flap open: One of the ressons i didnt want to sell this book was because of this page. The chart I used for the base was used by my kids to track were there dad was on his boat. We used to pin a paper boat to it (the full chart is very large and hung in there room) that said Were is Dad Today!Photobucket
pages 18 and 19Photobucket
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