Sunday, March 24, 2013

The lack of sleep MIGHT be getting to me!

 While digging for some paper work to finish up my pfd applications today  i found this this.... Witch is not only WEIRD but CREEPY!! Seriously i threw this letter away before EVEN reading it 2 years ago!! I was mad at her ,i wasn't taking her calls and i sure the hell wasn't reading printed drunken drivel !! ...I clearly remember sticking into the drawer at the end of the kitchen counter. i even let it sit in there for a few weeks arguing in my head as to read it or not... i didn't i pulled it out and tossed in the trash. 1 week before she died. I remember that because in the last two years its the one thing i kept thinking to my self WHAT WAS IN THAT LETTER !!! how freaking awful as a human do you have to be that you threw it away with out even looking?? ....... I also remember that there was no writing on the back of the envelope much less these death and life questions!! All i can think is that Fallin picked it out of the trash to write this down quickly ( finding blank paper around here is like finding gold )as it looks like a homework assignment or questions for some report..........At any rate here it is ......... i read it finally...... I don't feel any different for reading it as it is all stuff we had talked about . But it is kinda tripping me out. Damn good thing iam not vodkaing or id be talking to the air and crap! .........

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