Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dancing in the Rain!!!

So today  instead of  morning the loss of someone who has left this earth far to young I decided to spend the day with the YOUNG !! Mostly i just could NOT force myself to attend another funeral this year. And especially not this one. I waffled back and back and forth and decided the laughter and innocence of two of my favorite short people would be a FAR BETTER way to spend the afternoon and evening Ü
Ari made her own pizza FANCY
Blake and Ari work on an Xmas present shhh don't tell !!

Ari paints her hands for her own ART
front of their ginger bread house 
Ari's side of the house 

"Rama i wanna stir !! WOW this is hard" 

Blake gets in the action w/ strawberry creme cheese 

Strawberry is YUM!!

Making her necklace &eating chocolate cereal 
Finished product !
Rama these are yummy in my tummy!!

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