Monday, December 19, 2011

Its Christmas OR the girls get fancy!!

What they created

Today is one of  "my other  daughters birthdays" I LOVE that my daughter and her are STILL best friends (since3rd grade)  I LOVE that they took a "BREAK"... I love MORE that they found each other again!! I fed Them What  Hydrophonic  wanted. She picked ceaser salad and cheese bread ... OK she  couldn't pick between cheese and garlic so i made both. I MADE them do the ginger bread house its been sitting here for weeks for them!! And since they were already artsy I had them  finish the melted snow man cookies.This is there inner MARTHA'S......
Apparently the death HOUSE is working !!  Seriously SIX teenagers on  their friends 18th birthday and christmas break ... JUST  wanting Ceaser Salad, a movie and time with there friends???  YEP thats the good Stuff!!!

The Gingerbread man takes a fall ..........
Blood every place

The roof 

Juli Girl got em rolling 

Teenagers don't discount them they are really amazing people ! JUST SAY-EN!!

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