Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Days like these

Last Night i watched a women tear up. Tear up you say WHAT EVER . But its NOT WHATEVER Ive known her the better part of 30 years (probably longer but that's when i rember knowing her)and NEVER and i mean NEVER even seen her sad. i lived with her for the better part of a year when i first got out of college. She handles things and she handles them well.She gets things DONE!! but last night a tear rolled down her face 3 of them to be exact. This amazing women who raised 3 kids by her self,took care of her mother threw Alzheimer's took care of her aunt tell she died then took her uncle threw Alzheimer's as well all the time raising said three kids alone, working her ass off, all in the span of 10 years teared up last night. WHAT makes a strong women like this finally break down?? Her CHILD and said Child's life choices. This "child" is almost 40 but still her child.
Last Night I watched another amazing women TALK OUT LOUD ! TALK you say WHATEVER! But its NOT WHATEVER! It was mind blowing to me because she talked about her dead daughter said the words OUT LOUD!!! Not tear full, not sad, just matter of a factly she didn't try to make the child more then she was. I was so Proud of her!! in my heart i never thought this would ever come about . Why you ask because she had buried another child 47 years ago and it took me over 20 plus years to learn about it. So to me this is amazing and good! because she is gonna be ok she is gonna deal with this. She is gonna be here for the rest of her Children who are all WELL over 35 but still her children...

This morning i dropped my kids off at the high school this morning i smiled because they were happy they are healthy and they are great kids. Because days like this don't always happen. because there will be days like those two amazing women are having . because days like today make those days bearable.

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