Monday, November 21, 2011

Mental Health 5 cents or just Blog it!

This Blog is my 5Cents of mental health. Here is where i say what i cant say any place else. I don't have to spare other peoples  feelings i can say what i FEEL! I don't have to filter I GET to be MAD,SAD and stupidly HAPPY..... That being said I probably should have deleted a lot of the last 5 months posts but I did not and maybe later i will but not  now .NO Iam NOT losing my mind iam not depressed i have not gone over the edge  . This place is were i put ALL my crazy . It keeps the people I love,care,worry about alive Ü ~~ Its been stressful in so many ways the last 5 months. This has been a time of change, growth,strength, retrospect , and what ifs, ..... So don't over think what i write just roll with it let me be a BASKET case here. Besides this is way better then the gallon of Vodka that used to help. BAHHAAA!  With out this Blog and My person to talk too I honestly think i would have gone over the edge it would be so much easier . But NOBODY said life would be easy iam going with the theory that it will be worth it!!  And with that in mind Iam outta here to talk a walk on this BRISK,CRISP BEAUTIFUL winter morning!! .............

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  1. Its 7 degrees out, so don't walk far my little friend. It was nice to laugh with you and the other gals the other night.