Tuesday, October 18, 2011

three months stilllll blows

Baby sister!!! i miss you!! your mess!! your random craziness!! i  i JUST MISS YOU!!! the girl ive missed for a long time, the girl  i thought would just pull threw !!you are a flyum !!! we ALWAYS make it through .... apparently we don't ... apparently we some times just breathe  (OK thats what iam doing) Apparently some of us die !!!  ~~~~  note to you he is going to need you. he is heading  to rehab maybe he will make it ??I hope so!  i wont bury some else this year!!
 hey BIG Al have ya meet  Tim  yet ?????  ya need too.. you two a HAVE to save our boy!! and i believe with you and him together as a team it could work!! Or you two would just cause a GREAT ruckus and sweeet Jesus never mind that makes my brain hurt! BAHHHA!! Miss you I just fucken miss you!! ~~~~

* Note I wrote this on the third month of her death. fuck can the 10th ever come by and I wont think of her? I went to taco Bell and ordered an extra Taco to bring home for her last weekend . I FUCKEN HATE taco bell.........
*** Check out the fact that iam HUGELY PREGO (month 9 and days)  with Fallin .... John Kosch is Santa and Alexe is an Elf......IF I KNEW THEN what id Know NOW but i didn't so there ya have it.....

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