Thursday, April 3, 2014

New in a different way

its been awhile ................. Ok, OK 8 months.. i have a crap ton i should say but i dont wanna rehash  .. i feel like the world is new again... not in a good way not in a bad way just in a different way..... and although i wouldn't have wrote this down as how i would like life to be i am pretty damn OK !! I feel every awful thing that happens is not as awful as what HAS happened i feel prepared for it... I feel that every day has something... just one small thing ..that is amazing and worth a smile, a grin ,a giggle... a oh hell yeah!!  from the birth of a new baby to hot coffee to just waking up!! So to the dawn of a new day !!! Ü

Someone sent this to me today ........ it creeps me a bit

. REALLY??? are you 5?? i don't know ..iam gonna chalk this up to someone needs closure ???? Ballz Girl i dont even know what to say to this!! i didnt ... cause frankly its NOT MY SHIT!! .........

Now you can all stop emailing me about updating this blog
 iam on it !!! Ü

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