Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Birthday

My birthday was on the 23rd. Iam officially 45 (witch by the way is the "perfect caliber") 45 seems grand to me right now. Age is just a number for certain. Lord knows i act nothing of 40 anything. Iam OK with that Ü The people around me maybe not so much. ehhhh its part of the joy of knowing me right??? Just agree cause really its just easier. I really did nothing mind blowing but I saw,talked to, hugged, giggled, and ate with most of the people I love. So really isnt that the best you can ask for??

Can we just take in the yummyness of my birthday cup cake?? OK OK I had a bite of every kind that was there but i ate ALL of this one. good lord Two Sisters can really bake some goods i tell ya. huuuu watch the video at the end of this post to understand the rest of the items in this picture .....

My lovely Daughter and her friends made me a cake a PINK cake with GLITTER (OK it was sprinkles but it looked like glitter!!) See the AWESOME clutch she also got me iam chopping at the bit to use it AMAZING!!! And come on flowers and the worlds LARGEST batman pin EVER??!! Did i mention she took me to dinner at one of my favorite places? Pho it is my newest addiction. She is a good kid this one. heart of gold mouth of Satan (hummm wonder were she gets that ??) Wow she is about to turn 18 she is really not a kid anymore...... It was a fun dinner and i truly enjoyed her and Chases company .

What you thought that the future glitter queen would pass up a chance to wear this amazing crown?!! Oh and hey i let her try it on FIRST (see i really am grown-upish) Chuck KNOWS how to pick outta Crown. Seriously i have many of these but NONE like this one and i love it!! Ill admit i wore it ALL day !! Ü

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Beautiful love them ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

One of my other "children" gave me this ring isn't it AMAZING??? and shiny and sparkly? WHOOP

I had an all around wonderful day with people popping in to wish me a great birthday all week long. gifts and hugs from all over the place.Both of my brothers called me. One even ahead of time because he was gonna be outta town. The other hunted me down and brought me a card. My wonderful sister set up a mini party with Cup Cakes, lunch with my parents and the Future Glitter Queen. Thank you Chucky you really made my day!! Ü I think we all are thinking a little more about the small things these days. Time with family seems to mean more now. And for that gift I thank Big Al. in my mind i make up all these reasons why things happen and that her death has to be for something this gift is a good something.

And now for the OFFICIAL Birthday Video

Seriously I laughed so freaken hard tears rolled down my face. these really are the best !!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weirdness and Wonder

Its 2:45 in the morning Iam sorting cheer uniforms(by the way she is doing GREAT !) and in that pile is the shirt you bought for me a few months ago. I sorta groaned inwardly at its shear awfulness (come on you know its hideous) but then smiled at the thought that you bought it and then delivered  it to me thinking it was something id like. Feels weird that that would be one of the last times I saw you .WEIRDNESS still that I would  find it today. Today you have been gone a month witch also seems weird, on the one hand I feel like I just haven't seen you in awhile and I really should call or stop by. On the other hand  I feel like this month has been a year and the reality that I wont ever see you again has sunk in. I had to fill out a form a few weeks ago and one of the questions was how many siblings do you have? Key word being HAVE not HAD. That seemed a weird question to me. I mean really why do they need to know that ? must have been the timing. The folks are leaving town today witch  is weird because that would normally mean you would be calling me non stop for the next couple a days.And we both know id be annoyed lol!! ~~ There has been alot of weirdness lately. Mostly just rattling around in my head I suppose. I look at this picture it makes me wonder... I wonder if you know what people wrote on them? I wonder were all 120 of them ended up? I wonder if this picture makes anyone else smile like it does me. I felt so kinda free when I let go of my balloon kinda like letting you go almost............... My wonder often leads to weirdness