Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weirdness and Wonder

Its 2:45 in the morning Iam sorting cheer uniforms(by the way she is doing GREAT !) and in that pile is the shirt you bought for me a few months ago. I sorta groaned inwardly at its shear awfulness (come on you know its hideous) but then smiled at the thought that you bought it and then delivered  it to me thinking it was something id like. Feels weird that that would be one of the last times I saw you .WEIRDNESS still that I would  find it today. Today you have been gone a month witch also seems weird, on the one hand I feel like I just haven't seen you in awhile and I really should call or stop by. On the other hand  I feel like this month has been a year and the reality that I wont ever see you again has sunk in. I had to fill out a form a few weeks ago and one of the questions was how many siblings do you have? Key word being HAVE not HAD. That seemed a weird question to me. I mean really why do they need to know that ? must have been the timing. The folks are leaving town today witch  is weird because that would normally mean you would be calling me non stop for the next couple a days.And we both know id be annoyed lol!! ~~ There has been alot of weirdness lately. Mostly just rattling around in my head I suppose. I look at this picture it makes me wonder... I wonder if you know what people wrote on them? I wonder were all 120 of them ended up? I wonder if this picture makes anyone else smile like it does me. I felt so kinda free when I let go of my balloon kinda like letting you go almost............... My wonder often leads to weirdness