Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The OTHER fair

Its was that time of the year again. Ya know FAIR TIME!!! No not that fair, the Ninilchik fair people!!! It was my birthday and this is what I wanted to do. So Big Tor and Chucky were nice enough to drag there kids and come with me! Ü YAAA!! We tried to get the folks to come but something about being on the road for 2 months and rain WHAT EV!! No sporting Blood those two!

See what good sports they are ! Hey this is priceless I tell ya!

Its just not a fair with out a fairy crown!! The future Glitter Queen here is loven hers

The back is just as groovy! See only in Alaska can ya get a Kuspuck AND a Crown!!

The Future Glitter Queen was loven her some pigs! She was giggling every time we showed her a new one. Most were "taking a nap" But this guy got her fired up!

Big Tor is such the good uncle he took Fancy on her first horsey ride. She wasn't too sure at first. I don't think her mother was either.

After the first lap she was a diggen it!! The girl leading the pony was ADORABLE! what wasn't adorable was the "prize" Chucky found/stepped into. ;op

PIG RACES BABY!! These are always just plan good fun!!

Here is Fancy showing off her winning tokens. Yes I like to encourage gambling at a early age. Hey its never too early!~~~~
This is all the pics I got BOOO!! The other kids took off like a bolt of lighting when we got there. Hey there were hair extensions to get marshmellow guns to buy and other friends to hang with. When they finally ran out of money and came back my camera batteries had died BOOO!

Alive here really !!!

See Iam alive people!! Man blogging fans can be harsh when they don't get new stuff!! ;op But hey Ive had issues first off the Moose took my camera when he went back to work. Ok Ok its his camera but I really like it & we all know that makes it mine when its here!! Since he is not that means I gotta fight Tink for my real camera. Have you ever tried to pry a camera out of 15 year old girls hand?? Ya see Iam at a serious disadvantage!! Then to top thinks off Iam such wizard that I Spilled a Tupperware cheer cup full water all over my lap top key board. So now the d key dosent work. I have to copy & paste one every time. do ya know how hard it is to type with out it??? Alright enough bitching lets get to the pictures...

Yoshi an the coke machine ready for 7th and 8th grade respectfully.

Here is Bubbles,Hydro and Tink on the first day of there sophmore year. dont they look thrilled about school starting again?? Ya I didnt think so either!