Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Future Glitter Queen turns 3 !!

I cant believe three years have past WOW time flys!



I mean look at this face!! If she was any cuter id DIE I tell ya!!

At her party there were a FEW water balloons

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And look what Bea brought ! Big hit! Even greater this used to belong to the Barger boys who are now 16 and 15 When TFGQ is done she will give it to Baby Siri gotta love it!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hearding Cats

Hey did i mention that iam playing league Softball this summer? NO?? well good cause this post isn't about that HAW!! Actually a friend of mine asked for a little help with his daughters softball team or as he put it "Will you help me Heard Cats" Lets just say getting a group of "tweens" to settle down and do anything with some focus is like trying to Heard CATS!! ~~ I took this Picture for my friend CHI BALL !!! What land Iam I in that I didn't know they named this field after Mike ? DERRRR!!! Anyway nice sign right???!!

OK we are showing you how to line the field cause that way we can pawn it off on you next time! Oh NO wait that's NOT why its so you can learn what the white lines are for and how far away they are etc. Ya YA that's it!!

Look now she is serious about pitching this ball!!

This is my niece Playing short stop but really i think she was thinking about unicorns and flowers with a rainbow or 2 thrown in !

Hey playen ball is hard work so FOOD is in order !! I ran out to Glacier to grab a couple a burgers and well see the CUTE milkshake girl "TINK"

Awwww isn't Rosy here the cutest?? She wanted some of the burger totally shot down on that idea! Mean ole Paul.