Saturday, May 30, 2009

My big Catch or really lack there of!!

OK as you all know Iam on the quest this summer to catch a "damn fish". Little back story I have lived in Alaska for 40 plus years (minus the college years and the year I lived in the south) I have caught 1 yes count them 1 fish in all that time!!! And that one really doesn't even count as my buddy Bart actually caught the fish on his boat and I just reeled it in! I have caught endless amounts of Irish Lords they are NOT fish they are garbage eater's sorta like seagulls with fins! When I was around 11 my folks took us to one of the fish ponds (in Canada) were you put fish food on a pole and put it in a tank FILLED with fish each of my siblings caught over a bucket of fish I caught NONE,ZIP,ZIPPO,NOTHING!! So you see I must to catch a "damn fish" its a matter of NEED people!!

See This Salmon ?? I WANT to catch one!! At the river this morning a guy caught this right next to me!! Iam pretty sure that was MY fish!!

See the SIZE of this thing?? I bought a smoker for just a fish like this!!

This is the elusive Chair Fish I caught at the Fish Hole TWICE!! Coke Machine was MOST annoyed with me as he was carrying the chair both times!

This was my lucky pink lure ahhh not so lucky !! It is at the bottom of the Anchor River right now! BOOO and it was to pretty and FESTIVE!!

What is not Pretty is this pic of me at 5 in AM !! People 5 in THE AM !!! Hey at least my flip flops match my hoodie as iam sure this matters to the fish. YES?!!

I was a lovely morning I must say!

Here are boys chillen and fishing at the River

After fishing at the Hole out on the Spit I hopped in my car and saw this I had to post this pic as look at my freak en HAIR I call this fishen hair!! The wind at the hole was whipping last night!

Moose and Cranes oh my !

Its 4:00 in the morning and NO i didn't just get home! Iam up early to go fishing I tell ya people iam gonna get a damn fish this summer if it KILLS me!! But at any rate I thought id Slap up these pics for your viewing pleasure.Don't lie you know you love it. Ü
On a side note tho there is a mama bear and two cubs on the hill above my house Iam hopping to spot them again and get a pic for ya !

This moose has been chilling in this spot at the office for a while now. Was hoping it was a mama that was gonna have her baby there . Nope just a good place to take a nap I guess!

I was home for lunch last week and there was all the crazy noise so I go on the deck and there was Flock of Sand Hill Cranes in my yard. These crazy birds are all over Homer but NEVER up here So I had to take a pic well of course they heard me and only these 2 hung out for me . All I gotta say is these damn things are LOUD LOUD LOUD and Iam glad they don't hang here on a regular bases!

Monday, May 25, 2009


We woke up Saturday morning and some during the night we acquired a guest. We named her R.C. (random camper) . We had a poll going as to her name and age I guessed Michelle age 20. Other guess's included ages 17-22 names raging from Kelsey to Madison. ~~~

Here she is at around 6:00 in the morning enjoying our warm fire.
The Moose thought photo's were needed. So here he his posing with RC. About an hour after this pic was taken we try ed to wake her up.It took a few times but she did finally wake up. We asked if she wanted to lay down in a tent and her response was "I know your trying to be nice right now but all I really want to do is punch you in the mouth!" Said with a HUGE grin on her face and very slurred. So She got up to act like she was leaving stumbled to the other side of my tent crawled threw its back door (keep in mind the front door was wide open and we were watching her the entire time) looked up and saw us looking at her Grins HUGELY and says "$%@* you guys "grabs the zipper shuts the front door and crawls into my bed and passes out COLD!! We were all laughing so HARD we couldn't help it!!

Doesn't she look warm and cozy here? Here phone kept ringing but I was afraid to answer it cause it was in her pocket. But we were sure someone was looking for her.
The Boon thought it was time for a photo opp also so they snapped this one, just before we woke her up again. It was almost noon by this time. She woke up sober this time and was like how did I get here?? That we could not answer for her. She was VERY thankful to us and moved along to find her car. We did get her name and age and a pic of here with her eyes open but iam not posting it. Awwww to be young and dumb again. NO THANKS !!!! Word spread quickly around the camp sites and people came to hear about RC all day long.

Camping at the Anchor River!

We had a GREAT time camping at Anchor River this weekend. Here are just a few pics of our weekend. There will be more coming soon as we have a couple of mini story's that MUST be told....Random Camper,Dante's Inferno,Camping Crack......

Here is Yoshi the Super fishermen! He caught this beauty at the mouth of the river in his first couple of casts. By the end of the day this fish story had grown to 4 feet long and 60 pounds! We also offered up the option for those who had not caught a fish to take a pic with this fish for a SMALL fee! Ü

Here are me and the Boon enjoying the night

Its the ADD pair in a moment of stillness!

Cup Cake and Hydro in the girls tent. We had 6 tents going. It was like a Hobo encampment!

Six in the morning and we are all looken GOOOD! I have decided that Iam the pin up girl of camping. Hey stop laughing damn it!

Brownie Girl posing with the Umbrella! I LOVE this umbrella it goes on EVERY camping trip. Hey Cookie Dough recognize it??

Tink and ADD girl doing a little midnight hula hooping!

Tink and ADD girl hanging in the girls tent

Big Tor the morning of day two. We woke him up to see if he new the RANDOM CAMPER! (more on that later!)

"The Moose and I chillen !" Damn I look HOT on day 2 and half of camping and I smelled just as good!

Sumo Chuck comes out ever now and again! This is Sumo Camping Chuck!!

Here we got the "Master Fishermen" Gage, Coke Machine, ADD Boy, and Blake-a-sores

The Future Glitter
Queen sporting her Extra Toughs iam thinking we need to add glitter to them! Her and Monkey boy were "thinking" about sharing this bucket of bubbles.

This is my kick ass Campen Chili they ate it ALL not a drop left.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random left over's from the weekend!

Humm I am thinking I may do a bit to much stuff Randomly! Well maybe not as I do like to live off the cuff so to speak. Any way here are some pics from this weekend. A whole lotta WHAT EV!

The Coke Machine and I played a game of Monopoly out on the deck Sunday. Hey its Sponge Bob people get excited would ya!! Ü He kicked my butt! Not Sponge Bob !Coke Machine!

The teenage girls and my sons did some coloring on Friday and Saturday and they proudly displayed them on my fridge. Some of them were most unhappy that Hello Kitty was white so we now have Asian Kitty and African American Kitty ,a Yellow Kitty and one Purple Kitty so all the "colors would be happy!" Teenagers do the wiredest stuff. Don't tell any of them but
I think Hydro has a real future in coloring!! humm is there such a job ? She needs it cause she was one happy girl coloring ! They really are a good group of girls. Crazy but good!

Coke Machine and I planted on Sunday while the girls slept. Iam very bum'ed out cause my Big blue planter like this broke. BOOO!!

Found my wedding glasses and thought hey they'd be cool out side on the table. Just agree with me its easy'er! ;op

One of the front ledge planters I just dig the Octopus and thought ya needed to see it too! Don't ya feel fancy now??

Oh yes I did !

Hey its a G-ma's right to ply the children with ridiculous amounts of sugar and junk. Iam pretty sure its a law!! Monkey Boy loves him some brownies ALMOST as much as his mom. We did some baking on Saturday night. Hey it was light out still @ 9:00pm heck i think it was still light out when i went to bed at 12:30. That's what i LOVE about Alaska summers I gotta tell ya! At any rate after I gave him way to many marshmallows I thought brownie batter would hit the spot. Ya know kinda like a SMORE only different!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Carnival Time!

People its Carnival time in Homer. Ok granted its a pretty small one, But Hey we will take what we can get around here! These rides are really on there way to Kodiak for Crab Fest. They throw a few of them up for 3 days for us Homer folks while they wait for the ferry to get here.

The Balloon game MY FAV!! Tink and I won a monkey a SMALL monkey !

" Brownie Girl" and my grandson "Monkey Boy" were getting there train ride on. Monkey did NOT want to get off he would start having a COW the minute the ride was over. The boys loves him some trains!!

Did some one say FUNNEL CAKE?? Lord get out of there way!!

Cup Cake now is SERIOUS about her funnel cake. I don't think there was a drop of powdered sugar or chocolate syrup left!

Hey its Tink Cobs and A.D.D. girl riding the boats!

Boon and Tink waiting in line for the Squirrel Cage

Don't they look excited?
That's them up side down up top.

The Coke Machine and "Chetto" getting ready for the SIZZLER!

Jer Bear and Hydro don't they look a bit crazed??

Boon and monkey boy also taken a train ride AGAIN! If it was up to him he would still be riding on that train right now!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Karma's a BITCH!

Ok two hours after laughing at CB for getting pulled over Karma came and kicked my BUTT!!

When he went back to run my licence I snap ed this beauty threw my rear view mirror. I really wanted to take a picture of him holding my license but I thought that might be a bit much. Ü He was a very nice officer and let me go with a warning not to go 47 in a 25

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pop's Concert

First off lets start by saying Iam NO fan of kids music programs.Yes I go to them cause I love my children but I do it without enthusiasm and a set of ear plugs! I can barely listen to my kids sing or play music badly why would i want to listen to other peoples kids?? Hell I made my son practice his trumpet outside in the winter cause I didn't wanna hear it. (yes I know iam going to hell for speaking this truth! Its OK tho cause most of my friends will be there too!!) OK with that said the Pop's Concert on Monday KICKED ASS!! These kids were AMAZING !!! It blew my mind the talent level our little town has. Original songs written played and sung. A freaking MIND blowing reading by what I would learn later is kid that barely even talks at school. Solo's by kids that arnt even in the music program. And of course the Homer Choir that was FABULOUS! They sang a medley by Queen that was GREAT,FUNNY,FUN !!

Soprano section

Here we got the Alto's Man I have more pics with the rest of the choir but they didn't upload ill try again when i get home.

Here they are at the end singing we are the Champions and instead of lighters they used there Cell phones and the audience joined them by waving there cell phones!

Some Lovely shots before the concert in there 70's and 80's get ups. Tink, Bamma, Bubbles and Hydro !
Hydro has her tongue out as always I think she is dehydrated most of the time ;op

My most FAN-tab-U-los daughter in her stage makeup 80's finery!