Thursday, April 30, 2009


Here are three song birds rocken there lovely penguin suits. Now you know you want one!

Hey I even broke down and baked for the bake sale.(kids are raising money to go to Germany next spring for Choir) Yes they are a "tad" obnoxious but they are festive dang it! And as an added bonus they stained the teeth of the eater some lovely shades ! Ü

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meet Mt Dew my newest Grandchild !

Yes this is Coke Machines Flour baby Mt.Dew . We have had an exciting week of packing him around finding baby sitters and entertaining him. Coke Machine took VERY good care of his baby. He did find out his sister is NOT a good baby sitter because when he and I came back from the gym Mt Dew was in the microwave! BAD BAD sister!

Here is Mt Dew taking a nap on the couch!

Proud papa Coke Machine and his mini me !

Ballots!! abc, LMNo, I before E! arggg!!

See all these freaking little green envelopes? Ya those ones right there!! That's what Ive been working on everyday for the last 2 weeks. Every day a pile just like this has to be time stamped,sorted by city,counted and then filed in alphabetical order. And then after that they have to alphabetized all together THOUSANDS OF THEM !! ARGGGGGGG

Iam loosing my ever loven mind people! I tell ya what. Will May 7Th ever ever get here???

Stacks and stacks of stacks!

I don't know how many times Ive done the ABC's in my head! my tongue is dry from it i tell ya!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Darry and Dawn April 18,2009

We were outside chatting so I had them pose real quick for me. My brother was so happy I havent seen him this happy since christmas 1979 or so!!

Here is Dawns little boy he was so excitted to get to blow the bubbles after his serious duty of being the ring bearer. When we all went threw the line he was huggen everyone he could get his hands on!!! I feel darn special i got 2 Ü The Hugging line was HUGTASTIC. I thought Darry was gonna squezze me in half Ü And Dawn asked if this made us sisters now ? I almost started crying like a goober!

Here they are coming down the isle! I should have taken a picture of the minute and a half kiss after he was told to kiss the bride!

I dont know what my problem was but these are the only 3 pics I got. GRRR!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Emblem ,Easter and Stuff ~

Ok finally got a few moments to get this blog up! PHEW its Tax,payroll and ballot week and to say the office is busy is an UNDERSTATEMENT!! But we had a fun little weekend and I wanted to share Ü

Monkey Boy came to see his grandpa while he was home. He was relly digging grandpas "noculars" I cant belive he is going to be 2 tommrow WOWSER time flys!!

Saturday was Instalation of Officers for Emblem. So being on that committie I got to get the lodge ready for dinner. Sue picked "Stick with Emblem as her theme this year and her pin is a Gekko Her colors are red,white and black So that was what we rolled with! Bea and Char made all the napkins and I had the easy job of making the name cards and getting the decorations. SWEET and super easy we had it done in a hour and a half!

Now this is me in my decorating crown. One must have a crown for every event. Ok I look freaken scarey but hey I had to move alot tables and chairs people!! ;op

Tink stloe my crown BOOOO!!!!

While I was relaxing before the night ahead the girls were getting there night of ROCK BAND set up and even dyed the Easter eggs !!

Here is "Hydrophonic" and "Bama" warming up the insterments.

Tink and "Bama" feeling there inner bunnys!!

Here I am enjoying a glass (ok maybe 2) of Champagne before Penny,Dee and I left for the night. Yes I know thats the wrong kinda glass but I was too lazy to find the champagne glasses.

Sue asked me to be her Marshell for the year so here we are taking the closeing walk.

Here is Cobbs and A D D Girl on the left and Mike and Ducky on the right. They swung by the lodge to show me there Prom clothes. Dont they look pretty???

YAYAYA its The Future Glitter Queen and I at Easter Breakfast. She is so darn cute I cant stand it! Her fancy Easter dress fell apart. (boo) But I think this polka dot one is cute too!

The teens even OFFERED to be in this picture! Cousins enjoying the Easter Bunny!

But not as much as the COKE MACHINE enjoyed the Easter Bunny!! She kissed him and left a black mark from her nose on his cheek he would NOT let me wipe it off. LOL!!

Later in the afternoon Tink and I hit the beach with my sister and her son and went for a walk flew a kite and blew TONS of bubbles!!!

Kite High in the sky!! What a GREAT DAY!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

ASH Saturday!!

All Righty now I had planned on a diffrent sorta blog for the week end but mother nature showed her self on Saturday morning. And I gotta say the Ash fall this time was very impressive. And since there was a good amount of it my plans for Saturday turned into stuff at the house day! I didnt wanna drive my poor car in it and poor "Tink" was in Ninilchick so she had to stay another night there. And the rest of use dug in for the day.

Ok this is how the neighbors house behind us looks most days. In fact most days I never even look at it. But because of the HUGE ash cloud hovering around on Saturday and snow on my deck I used this side of the house to take pictures

This how it looked Saturday morning at 7:00 am
That cloud of Doom comen was thick ,dark and smelled none to fancy either!

This was taken about an Hour later

I got the Pictures out order but you get the jest of it!

So after takeing all these excitting pictures Decided I HADDDDD to get these damn place cards made. Well I got one made! I kept playing on the puter instead!

Well then I decided to Have mom and her buddy Linda Up for Dinner. Here is a Pic of them from Wed. Linda just bought this moter home. She and Mom are going on a 3 month ROAD TRIP on June 1st. So we HADDDD to break it in Ü

Well While cooking Dinner I had to havesome Wine of Course.Ü This was Ruebarb,Rasberry,Strawberry from Bear Creek Winery. One of our winerys here in town. They also make a rasberry chocolate port that BLOWS your socks off YUMM!
Well this what I feed the crew. Enchalada's everyone said they were GOOD! I tricked them all by useing lowfat cheese ,fat free torilla's and turkey burger hehe they never even knew! The Moose hates all that low fat stuff and he had 2 of them. After he ate i told him. He laughed and oh was that what was wrong with them ;op little pooper!
I On the other hand had This fancy salad threw in some of the black beans and Salsa and it was close to enchalada's. LOL ok it wasnt but it was freaken good!~~

This is a Spice cake made with creame cheese frosting the frosting WAS DELITEFULL!! I had a hard time keeping my fingers out of it!

Here is the Moose talking to our taxman after dinner ! He is Very happy cause we are getting a refund!! Happy dance happy dance!

Well around 11:00 last night it was so pretty out I had to take this shot of the Homer Spit off my porch! Pretty ending to a lazy day!!